Amazing Body Transformation for Problem Areas!

Quick & Effective Body Sculpting.

We leverage the synergic power of the Zemit Bionexis body sculpting machine to accelerate fat loss in stubborn areas that just can’t be slimmed out. This machine allows us to combine up to 7 different fat-eradication technologies in one handpiece to deliver quick and long-lasting results for people struggling with undesirable-looking fatty deposits.
Lifts and tightens the skin.
Our body sculpting procedure tightens loose and saggy skin to help you feel more attractive and confident about your body.
Stimulates collagen production and improves skin health.

The production of collagen fibres in skin tissue helps restore damaged skin tissues, clear stretch marks, and removes wrinkles caused by weight fluctuations.

Decreases fat cell volume and eliminates cellulite.
Pushes back against fatty tissues deep within the skin, giving it a uniformed, vibrant look, especially on the thighs, butt, and other areas that naturally have more fatty tissue.
Enhances metabolism and stimulates blood micro-circulation.
Breaks down fatty deposits, especially the frustrating bit of extra weight in the tummy and sides, that restrict blood flow and are impossibly difficult to burn off with dieting and exercise.
Lifts skin, slims and shapes the body.
Some stubborn problem areas won’t go down even with exercise and dieting. Our body sculpting procedure is the smart way to safely target and destroy fat cells for a firmer and natural-looking appearance.
Strengthens loose connective tissues.
Infrared light increases oxygen intake by the skin cells which stimulates tissue regeneration in the skin and helps you get rid of bat wings as well as improve the elasticity of your skin.

6 Flanks and Back Treatment Performed

  • Twice per week program on lower back and flanks.
  • These results were achieved after 6 sessions.

This client had pockets of fatty deposits in the sides, love handles, and in the lower abdominal region that even the most attractive clothes could no hide. With 2 body sculpting sessions per week, we were able to reduce the roll bumps and make the problem area look more attractive after 6 weeks of treatment.

10 Buttocks & thighs and Back & Flanks Treatment Performed

  • Once per week program on butt, thighs, and flanks.
  • These results were achieved after 10 sessions.

When this client came in, she complained that the cellulite on her thighs and butt as well as the love handles she couldn’t get rid of made her feel unattractive and it affected her confidence, especially when she had to take off her clothes. She couldn’t even look at herself in the mirror while wearing shorts. It took 10 treatment sessions to sculpt her body into a cellulite-free figure that she felt proud of.

8 Abdomen, Knees & Thighs Treatment Performed

  • Once per week program on abdomen, knees & thighs.
  • These results were achieved after 8 sessions.

This client had firm abdominal muscles, but the fat deposits that collected in her lower abdomen and around her thighs were impossibly difficult to shift. It made her “feel bloated” and she couldn’t stop feeling old and uncomfortable about her shape. One body sculpting treatment per week and 8 sessions later, not only does she look more attractive, but she actually feels younger and happier than before.

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“The whole experience is great and I'm seeing results already. Definitely would like to come back.“

“I loved my treatments at Body Sculpting Marin! I did both the facial and booty. I saw results after just the first facial.“

“Elizabeth was amazing. Loved it, can’t wait to go back!“

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As COVID-19 continues to cause uncertainty and disruption, Body Sculpting Marin is temporarily closed to new clients until the current situation improves and stabilizes. If you have any questions, please call us at 415.924.2228.